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About Our Journey Around the World

Our life on a sailingboat, while travel around the world

Since 2017 we live on a sailingboat and do our circumnavigation in duo around the world. This is how we have the opportunity to meet and to spend time with local people from different cultures.We started the liveaboard live in 2018 May at Mali Losinj, Croatia. We did the maintenance job of the boat and soon we are ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

About the Brand, Designing With a Conscience…

Folkloricum is a truly distinctive brand that brings the many different cultures of the world to light. Every collection is handcrafted by local artisans using traditional methods of embroidery to create contemporary pieces.

Folkloricum draws its inspiration from being immersed in the cultures and communities where each individual collection is born. By supporting local talents, new jobs are created, partnerships are made and opportunities are turned into reality and quality of life is improved. Behind every collection is a story, a unique journey and a rich heritage.

Folkloricum Pop- Up Photo Exhibition and Folk Interviews around the World

Folkloricum was born to support stitching communities and their talented and intricate work across the world. We travel extensively to different destinations, familiarize ourselves with the cultures and traditions in order to design a collection that truly and authentically represents its origins. We aim to assist these communities by creating jobs and opportunities for work and growth among these women in hopes of contributing to their well-being, morale, standard of living and purchasing power.

When we started our journey, we announced a photo contest in Hungarian topic, so now, everywhere where we have the opportunity, we organize pop-up photo exhibitions, to show a bit of Hungary. We are also interested in all kind of folklore, so we constantly create folk interviews with different folk dancers, folklore lovers around the world.‚Äč

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